ESSENZA Premium Jersey Cement Fitted sheet 140-160 x 200-220ESSENZA Premium Jersey Cement Fitted sheet 140-160 x 200-220

Many of our customers wonder what cotton elastane is. Here we explain exactly what this fabric entails and where you can find this fabric in our collections. Read about it now!

All about cotton elastane

Many of our items are made from 100% cotton or a combination of, for example, cotton and polyester, but a small part of our collection consists of cotton elastane. But what exactly is cotton elastane?

Cotton elastane is a combination of mostly cotton and a small amount of elastane which creates a fine, soft material. The properties of cotton are well known: breathable, moisture-regulating and super soft, but what are the properties of elastane? Elastane is a synthetic fibre with the following characteristics: it is super elasticated and stretchy, it retains its original shape, it is strong and durable, and it is lightweight. A small amount of elastane quickly creates a wonderful stretchability in the cotton.

Thus, an item made from cotton elastane is a comfortable choice. In addition, you do not need to iron items of cotton elastane so often. So, do you wear a lot of shirts? Give yourself some new cotton elastane shirts as a gift. Win-win!

“It's strong and durable and it's lightweight„

Fitted sheets made from cotton elastane

A large part of our collection of fitted sheets is made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane and can be found under the heading 'premium jersey'. These fitted sheets are extremely soft, incredibly stretchy, iron-free and easy to maintain. This soft fabric is lovely and comfortable and feels warm. Choose from fitted sheets in various beautiful colours and match it to your duvet cover for a stylish effect:


The Perfect Organic JerseyThe Perfect Organic Jersey

The Perfect Organic Jersey 

A good night’s sleep is of utmost importance, making this sheet a must! The Perfect Organic Jersey fitted sheet from ESSENZA is made of 95% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 5% elastane. In combination with all-round elastic band, gives it an extra strong stretch quality for the perfect fit. The fabric is pilling free, which will keep the sheet super soft & smooth. In addition, this organic jersey is breathable and wonderfully kind to the skin, better for the environment and better for the workers. Sweet dreams!