Chapter 3: Summer Breeze Chapter 3: Summer Breeze

Subtle, delicate and unpretentious. These three words are what this theme is all about. We journey past desolate land and forgotten places. A delicate summer breeze tickles our hair. We float on the last days of summer, which feels like an endless dream. Discover 'Summer Breeze':

A delicate summer breeze tickles our hair

We see soft, dreamy colours. Subtle lilac and antique white. We also see sand colours, ash and powder tones and, every now and then, a touch of night blue. Mysterious and magically captivating. The prints are romantic, vintage and dreamy.


"A soft breeze
on a dreamy, late summers' day
A scarf wrapped around her head
A basket, casually on her arm,
filled wih fragrant lavender
Away she walks
through a windswept field of yellow golden grain."




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