ESSENZA Masha Mocca Duvet cover 240 x 220ESSENZA Masha Mocca Duvet cover 240 x 220

Cotton satin: our favourite fabric for on the bed! This wonderfully soft cotton is ideal for sleeping under because it is soft, smooth and breathable at the same time. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In short, it is the ideal bedding! But what actually is cotton satin? Here we explain it to you!

Cotton satin, not to be confused with...

Cotton satin is often confused with polyester satin, the shiny, smooth fabric. Satin, however, says nothing about the material, instead it is about the weave. Cotton satin is made from 100% natural cotton and therefore has all the wonderful qualities of cotton: it is breathable and moisture-absorbent. A cotton satin duvet cover set feels much softer and smoother than a 'normal' cotton duvet cover set due to the special 'satin weave'. Moreover, the colours on cotton satin will remain beautiful for far longer. 


‘Cotton satin is - without a doubt - our favourite fabric for the bed!’



What is a satin weave?

This is a bit of a technical story. In a satin weave, the cotton is woven tighter than it is with cotton percale or cotton renforcé. So, many more threads are used. The 'thread count' indicates the number of threads per square inch. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality and the smoother the fabric will be. In the satin weave, the upper weft threads are loose, which gives the fabric its gorgeous shine. Cotton satin not only looks luxurious, but it feels like luxury too!

Experience the benefits of cotton satin

Cotton satin is our favourite fabric for the bed: It is breathable, absorbent, soft, smooth and has a delightful shine. What more could you want! Experience this luxurious fabric for yourself and order your favourite cotton satin duvet cover set from ESSENZA or Marc O'Polo. ESSENZA also offers cotton satin fitted sheets. Perfect if you cannot get enough of this delightful fabric.