We are ESSENZA. We desire to inspire, stimulate, and move you. We offer comfort to help you feel yourself at home and sleep better. Whoever or wherever you are, ESSENZA makes this possible. Show us who you are and what your style is. Be unique. Be yourself. Be ESSENZA.

The ESSENZA story

In our extensive home and interior collections, you will find everything you need to turn your home into a stylish, personal work of art; luxurious, elegant and exclusive.

We are constantly looking for innovation from all the things that makes life more beautiful. We are inspired by the people around us, by other cultures and traditions, by the colours, smells, and tastes that we experience, whether closer to home or from far away. Finally, we are also inspired by Mother Earth. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. In all her seasons she has so much beauty to offer. We mix and match all these new impressions, insights and ideas in our own studio, forming elegant, inspiring and expressive collections.  

For more than 30 years we have been designing iconic home and interior collections, creating stylish interior looks, complete with a unique twist. Whether you love rich floral prints, prefer checks and stripes or choose for a simpler design: at ESSENZA we have something for everyone.

At ESSENZA we believe in buying less, but better. That is why we produce high-quality, sustainable products; our response to today's throwaway culture. We design and manufacture our collections with love, care and attention to both people and the environment. We do this because we believe it is extremely important that everyone has the chance to get a better night’s sleep.

All you need for your interior

Transform your bedroom into a work of art with one of our beautiful floral prints bed cover sets or simply go for a more understated and single colour bedding? Brighten up your living room with warm, colourful plaids and pillows complete with with a pouffe or  rug as finishing touch. Look fabulous in our comfortable home wear, also great to wear at home whilst you work. Bring out your culinary side with our crockery, kitchen and dining room textiles, or transform your bathroom into a luxury spa resort. Your unique style. The sky is the limit with ESSENZA.  

Inspired by: Dutch Masters

At ESSENZA we are always inspired by flowers. One of our favorite places to go for inspiration is the Mauritshuis in The Hague, where beautiful floral still life paintings from the Dutch Masters are exhibited. Take a look with our brand manager Floor Smits and discover how these magical paintings inspire us to design original prints.



ESSENZA collection stories

This fall/winter ’22 collection has partly drawn inspiration from the English Arts & Crafts movement: a movement in arts and industrial design during the late 19th Century. Designer William Morris was one of the main founders of this movement. He was of the opinion that products should not only be beautiful, but functional too. We fully embrace this philosophy. Like usual, we divided our new bedding and accessoires collection into three themes. This season those themes are Lavish Affair, Modern Antiques and Majestic Bloom. We see nostalgic and outspoken prints, as well as warm and daring colour combinations executed on rich fabrics. It’s a fairy tale like collection, with the famed ESSENZA stamp all over it.

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