Covers & Co Flower Rangers Multi Duvet cover 140 x 220Covers & Co Flower Rangers Multi Duvet cover 140 x 220

At ESSENZA HOME we work and produce with as much care and attention as possible for people, the environment and society. As a producer of cotton products, finding more sustainable raw materials and reducing the consumption of water, energy and chemicals is one of the main spearheads of our CSR policy. We are therefore increasingly opting for organic cotton - especially GOTS certified cotton. What this is? We would love to tell you!

Organically Grown, Environmentally Friendly and Socially Responsible

GOTS-certified cotton is organic, which means that no chemical pesticides have been used in growing the cotton. But GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) goes beyond that. Better for your skin, better for the environment and better for the workers. The organic cotton feels wonderfully soft and lasts for years. A sustainable choice! GOTS imposes requirements on factories regarding the use of harmful chemicals and the consumption of water and energy.

GOTS also includes criteria for working conditions in production. These are based on international labour organisation standards, such as the right to freedom of trade unions, fair wages and the right to safe and healthy working conditions. Compliance with GOTS requirements is monitored by independent, accredited organisations.

In 2020 Covers & co switched to GOTS-Certified Cotton

At Covers & co, we changed our course from 2020 onwards. All our products are made from more sustainable materials and many of our products have a GOTS-certificate. With our cheerful bedding you help to contribute to a more sustainable planet, from the comfort of your own bed. That's fair sleep!

GOTS-Certified Duvet Covers and Textiles at ESSENZA

In the collection from ESSENZA you will also find many items made from GOTS-certified cotton from 2020 onwards. Items such as beautiful premium duvet covers with rich prints and elegant embroidered patterns and fresh and elegant bath textiles in all shapes, colours and sizes.

ESSENZA Anneclaire Rose Duvet cover 135 x 200ESSENZA Anneclaire Rose Duvet cover 135 x 200