ESSENZA Minte Olive Duvet cover 200 x 200ESSENZA Minte Olive Duvet cover 200 x 200

Weaves and fabrics are something that many of our customers have questions about. And although logical, it's also very tricky! That is why we will try here to explain it to you as well as simply as possible, so that once and for all you know exactly which weave you should choose for best night’s sleep!

The chain and the weft

Duvet covers are made from woven fabrics, especially cotton. During the weaving process, two different sets of yarns or threads are crossed over each other. The vertical thread is called the chain, and the horizontal thread woven through the chain is the weft. The way in which the threads intersect determines the weave and therefore the quality of the fabric.

The Plain Weave: the simplest weave

With the plain weave, the horizontal thread always passes once over and under the vertical thread. This is the simplest weave and is used, among other things, for cotton renforcé and cotton percale. Renforcé comes from the French word for 'strengthen'. Cotton renforcé therefore means 'strengthened and reinforced' cotton. The difference between cotton renforcé and cotton percale is the number of threads or the thread count (you can read an explanation of this at the bottom of the page), that is used. Cotton percale has a higher thread count and uses finer yarn and therefore feels softer, smoother and more pleasant.

Cotton flannel is also a plain weave. The flannel keeps you lovely and warm because of the air that forms an insulating layer between the yarns, making the soft and warm fabric ideal for the winter! There are no more cold nights when you have one of our cotton flannel duvet covers.

The Satin Weave: a soft feeling with a light shine

Satin says nothing about the fabric, instead it is all about the weave. The satin weave is different from renforcé and percale because the horizontal thread goes at least once over and 4 times under the vertical thread. This creates the shiny and soft feel of cotton satin. Cotton satin is made from 100% natural cotton and therefore also has the wonderful properties of cotton: it is breathable and moisture absorbent. Cotton satin is our favourite fabric for the bed!

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“ Cotton satin is without a doubt our favourite fabric for the bed! „


What does the thread count mean?

The term 'thread count' refers to the number of threads in an inch. The number of threads in the chain and the weft are added together and this total is called the thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric. And believe us, a duvet cover with a high thread count is a lovely thing!

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