Corporate responsibility

    Corporate responsibility

    Moving towards a sustainable future

    At ESSENZA HOME we want everyone to get a great night’s sleep. Not just you, with the help of our wonderfully soft bedding and beautiful pajamas, but also the people who work in our production chain. Great sleep is only possible if if we produce in a sustainable way with consideration for people and the environment. We therefore work hard to create a fair and sustainable future.

    We are constantly working to make our organization - and in particular our development and production process - more sustainable and to take our social responsibility across all links in the chain. Sustainability must become a core concept throughout our entire production chain. That is a long process, but we are moving in the right direction. Towards a sustainable future!

    Read our CSR annual report for more information.

    Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textile

    Joining forces in a covenant

    To further sustain the entire textile industry we will need to join forces and efforts with other companies and institutions. ESSENZA HOME has therefore signed the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textile on July 4, 2016. This covenant brings us together with more than 70 partners, making it easier to tackle the problems in the textile industry. The covenant includes the Dutch government, unions, industry partners and social organisations such as Unicef and Solidaridad.

    The Agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textile focuses on nine areas, these include child labour, low wages, discrimination and environmental pollution. Therefore we will actively be looking for any abuse in these areas by our suppliers and take measures to remedy or correct the wrongs wherever possible. Also through the local partners of the Dutch trade unions and civil society organisations we work to analyse and resolve problems where we can.

    Textiles that make you feel good

    At ESSENZA HOME our products are made for your comfort. We therefore believe it is especially important that our products feel soft against the skin and are free of harmful substances. All our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified or meet the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) requirements. The Oeko-Tex and REACH systems ensure that the tested and certified textiles are free from harmful substances that pose a risk to health. This makes the fabrics much nicer for everyone.

    Oeko-tex certificates
    Sustainable packaging

    Sustainable packaging

    One of our CSR goals is to make all our packaging PVC-free by mid-2021. We are well on our way to achieving this goal as the packaging for our current collection is already PVC-free for 63%. We now use bags of the same fabric as the duvet cover itself, which can be reused at home, or wrappers made from FSC-certified paper. If necessary, we cover these items with a recyclable plastic bag to prevent them from being damaged in the warehouse or during transport. Damage would mean that we have to repack it using extra packaging material. Our articles cover quite a distance in transport and warehouses before they reach you, therefore they need some extra protection.

    COVERS & CO goes green!

    Important priorities for us as a manufacturer of cotton products is to find more sustainable materials for our collections and to reduce the consumption of water, energy and chemicals. For our brand COVERS & CO, we are therefore shaking things up from 2020 onwards, making it a completely sustainable brand in the way we produce, as well as fabrics and packaging.

    COVERS & CO bed linen is made from 100% natural and organic cotton percale. The designs are printed digitally on the fabric, which uses less water, energy and chemicals than conventional printing. Comfortable, soft and durable bedding that you can feel good in and about. Now that's what we call sustainable sleep!

    COVERS & CO goes green!

    Our sustainability journey

    We'd love to take you on our sustainability journey. Travel along with our colleague Mariska Leenders to the beautiful country of Pakistan to look inside one of our production facilities and to find out more about our vision on sustainability.

    Good relationships with suppliers

    We want everyone who comes into contact with our products to have a good feeling about them; from the staff at the factory to the person who will eventually use them. Therefore, we have been working for many years with a number of regular production partners abroad. We visit them regularly to further build this relationship and in order to ensure that the working and environmental conditions meet and continue to meet our requirements. All our partners are also affiliated to BSCI and have a SA8000 certification or are working towards this.

    In order to monitor our suppliers properly, we have also become a member of Amfori BSCI since 2019. This gives us a deeper and better insight into the production chain and enables us to act more effectively on any bottlenecks at our suppliers.

    Good relationships with suppliers
    CSR annual report

    Want to know more?

    View our 2019 CSR annual report to learn more about our vision and efforts in the field of CSR and sustainability.

    Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us via We are happy to tell you more!

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