Dar-ul-Sukun: een thuis voor kinderen met een handicapDar-ul-Sukun: een thuis voor kinderen met een handicap

With a part of our turnover, we like to support projects that are close to our hearts. Projects or foundations that have committed themselves to making the world a more beautiful place every day, both in the environmental and social field.

One of our most important production countries is Pakistan, a beautiful country, but also a country with many challenges. In order to give back to the locals, we donate part of our turnover to the excellent work of the Dar-ul-Sukun foundation.

Dar-ul-Sukun was founded in 1969 by a Dutch nun; Sister Gertrude Lemmens. The foundation offers a home to the elderly and disabled who no longer have family or have been rejected by their families. The employees are committed to giving these people a better life, with great care and love and to helping them find a place in society again, including through therapy and activities.

Dar-ul-Sukun: a home for children with disabilities

Take a look at Dar-ul-Sukun

In this short video, we take you along on our visit to Dar-ul-Sukun in Karachi, Pakistan, in December 2019.

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