What is velour?What is velour?

Velour... Do you already have it at home? This delightful soft fabric brings a luxurious feeling with it and has been on-trend in the interior for years! But what exactly does this fabric mean and what is the difference with velvet and velour? We'll explain!

First things first: velvet

Before we explain what the fabric velour really entails, it is important to first take a closer look at velvet (later it becomes clear why!). Velvet is really just cotton, polyester or any other material that is woven in a special way. The material is woven with short, upright loops that - optionally - are cut through. These upright loops (or 'hairs', if cut) give that super soft, luxurious feeling to the fabric. When you stroke the shiny velvet with your hand, you will see that the hairs go in a different direction and that you can see a colour difference.

All about the fabric velour

Velour is the French translation (le velour) of velvet, but these two differ from each other in a small way. Velour is a cut variant of velvet and is made even softer by cutting, roughening or pulling the loops. This ensures that this fabric has less shine than velvet. Velour is also a bit heavier and less flexible than velvet and is therefore often used for curtains and upholstering furniture, among other things.

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