ESSENZA Gwyneth Nightblue Duvet cover 200 x 200ESSENZA Gwyneth Nightblue Duvet cover 200 x 200

We surround ourselves with deep dark colours that radiate a richness and tranquillity, all the while standing out in all their splendour. The winter greens and the midnight blue are simply mesmerising!

Blue living accessoriesBlue living accessories
Essenza Marlene Multi Duvet cover 140 x 200Essenza Marlene Multi Duvet cover 140 x 200

This is the time of reflection

In the theme La Tranquillité, shades of blue and green play the leading role. Combined with bronze, gold, brown, olive and forest green, all the colour gradations of autumn and winter can be seen.


"Meet the queen of cool.

Mysterious, sparkling, understated.

Nature is her greatest inspiration.

With her breathtaking beauty,

she gives us oxygen for the future.

Even her darkest side is magnificent."



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Joie de VivreJoie de Vivre


Joie de Vivre

We can all agree that a touch of joie de vivre makes life all the more fun! Celebrate life this season with different shades of pink that convey a strong sense of optimism, security and tenderness. A touch of wine red and marsala give this pallet a stronger look.

La PuretéLa Pureté


La Pureté

Whereas white used to feel like a summery colour, this autumn the colour shifts to winter. Earthy colours, such as terra, orange and brown, feel almost vintage and nostalgic and offer us that piece of security, safety and confidence that we so long for.