Brown is the New Black

    by Demi Esmeé

    Is there a re-decorating plan on the program? Give brown some thought! Brown is the ultimate colour to give your interior a warm and earthy touch. Combine with sparkling, bright colours for a beautiful effect. We'll show you how!

    Trend Alert: Moss Green

    by Demi Esmeé
    ESSENZA Airen Moss Carpet

    This autumn you can no longer deny it: green is here to stay - and in even more beautiful shades. We think green is not only a beautiful colour, but it also has a wonderful, soothing effect - perfect for your interior! Today our focus: moss green. This warm, stylish and natural colour exudes luxury and tranquillity. Who wouldn't want that in the house?

    These are the Best Interior Trends of 2020

    by Essenza
    ESSENZA Olivia Terra Duvet cover

    Is your interior in need of an update? We have listed for you the 7 best interior design trends for 2020 and we hope you love them. Find out which trends will make your heart beat faster, add the items to your shopping basket and it’s time to redecorate!

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