Chapter 3:

    Le Jardin d'Amour

    Welcome to ESSENZA's garden of love. Here you can dream away in peace amongst the most beautiful flower fields. Light and neutral tones such as sand and vanilla give you the space to focus on what really matters and soft shades of green such as sage green and bay leaf bring nature in from the outside.

    Le Jardin d'Amour

    A fresh summer breeze

    In this collection you will not find sharp colour combinations, but instead elegant and comfortable transitions, in the way spring slowly passes into summer. Soft yet rich accessories in cinnamon brown and green complete the collection!

    As the Summer days burn stronger each day, So grows my love for you, like wildflowers beautifully blooming between the green leafs. This is where I spend my days day dreaming, mesmerised by your smile, Blissfully lost, in a garden of love.

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