Essenza Grazie Iceblue Duvet cover 135 x 200Essenza Grazie Iceblue Duvet cover 135 x 200

In this new season, ESSENZA immerses themselves in the most beautiful and elegant plants. A cheerful and bright colour palette of fresh blues and soft greens fits perfectly with this and brings harmony, peace and light.

The perfect look for Spring

With the beautiful colour palette of Un Nouveau Printemps, you give your interior a fresh and stylish look. The addition of the olive colour gives the collection just that little bit of spice and in combination with the ice blue creates a rich & beautiful effect.


"The first day of Spring, my heart unfolds like a flower.

Awakened and protected by the touch of your satin leafs,

The energy is flowing through my body

and everything shines with a fresh, colourful glow.

You make me forget that winter ever existed."



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