About Marc O'Polo

Marc O’Polo was founded in 1967 in Stockholm upon the idea of using natural materials. Founders Rolf Lind, Göte Huss and Jerry O. Sheets were adventurous, well-traveled, free-thinking entrepreneurs who shared a passion for materials...

With the world turning more and more to synthetic fibers at the time, they made it their mission to work with natural fabrics imported from the east. The brand, now located in Stephanskirchen in Germany, stands for high-quality and is known for its preference for natural materials and its original style. The Marc O’Polo style is defined by selected materials, high-quality workmanship, attention to detail and the easy combinability of collection pieces: natural, self-evident, modern and urban casual. 

Marc O'Polo Home

Marc O’Polo Home offers a comprehensive interior collection, in a modern blend of scandinavian spirit, cosmopolitan lifestyle and exceptional comfort.


The collection includes a broad yet focused range of duvet covers, stylish plaids, soft towels, comfortable bathrobes, bathroom accessories, kitchen and table textiles as well as a table and glassware collection. The Marc O'Polo style is sophisticated, urban and modern, reflecting. Marc O'Polo's background in Scandinavian design. Natural materials like wool, linen and the finest cotton are combined with understated details and timeless designs. Everything is made with high-quality materials for maximum sleep comfort.

Sustainability story

Sustainability has always been part of the DNA of Marc O’Polo. As a brand founded upon the idea of using natural materials, they are building on a long-lasting tradition of using sustainable fabrics. This tradition has not only defined the brands culture, but also continues to inspire philosophy and their collections until this day.


The concept of a journey entails the idea of being open to new opportunities, while allowing for mistakes at the same time. Marco O’Polo started their journey to sustainability long before the word became ubiquoutous. But as the definition of the word constantly evolves, they need to adapt.

Marc O’Polo believes this adaptation process is a collaborative learning experience by design. They therefore deeply believe in creating a collective journey that involves all their partners, customers, and long-term stakeholders. This means working together with global frameworks and looking at production cycles from a circular perspective.


At ESSENZA HOME, we’re proud to be partnered with Marc O’Polo for their home collection. We share the belief that in order to find the right set of innovations for our sustainability vision, partnerships are fundamental to our collective success.

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